Keyword & Key Phrase Analysis

Keyword / Key Phrase Discovery, Analysis and Targeting

Find our what keyword and key phrases you need to target for your business!
Keyword Key Phrase Discovery, Analysis and Targeting

Do you know what keywords you are requesting from the search engines? Have you researched the number of searches performed monthly for you product, service or information provided to maximize your exposure?

In our keyword analysis and market research we will take the root word of your product / service and research the vertical markets to identify your targeted demographic. We will utilize several different keyword market research tools and not rely on any one source.

There are two main components to selecting good keywords, relevance and popularity. If you select a keyword or phrase that is highly relevant but is never searched on, you will not prosper. Conversely, if a word is incredibly popular but not relevant to your offerings you will not have a good conversion. So, while you might have web traffic, none of the traffic will be targeted. The key to selecting good keywords is striking a balance between relevance and popularity. The more relevant a term to your product or service offering, the more likely the website visitor will convert to a sale or lead.

Generic keywords result in lots of impressions (views) but usually result in few click-throughs. More than that, generic keywords do not result in qualified traffic. Unqualified traffic is less likely to convert to a sale.

Keep in mind, keywords can vary based on the searchers age, culture, region, education or knowledge. In other words, you need to define your target audience, then select keywords or phrases your target audience would likely use when searching for your product or service. You may need to create multiple keyword groups to target different audiences or demographics. 

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